Noni and CHS Drives on Bay News 9

You can’t watch Noni speak and not feel the pull to help her and the other kids. Child Life serves ALL kids that go through St. Joseph’s Hospital, even in the short visits in the ER. Even the reporter, Katie Jones, was drawn in. This prom is an enormous source of joy for the long term residents of the hospital, who would otherwise not get to experience this simple childhood rite of passage. Even if you can’t attend our golf tournament/party (but we WANT to see you), you can donate so that Child Life can continue its work making sick kids happy. Please share this within your own personal Facebook community to raise awareness for what Child Life does. And when you see Michelle Hauser McClure, hug her. She threw herself into this project and knocked it out of the park. Thanks for watching! Look for another story on this when Bay News 9 covers the prom itself! ‪#‎chsdrives‬ ‪#‎teamnoni‬ ‪#‎forthekids‬ ‪#‎childlife